Diet Tips – Bodyweight Exercise Workouts

There are many advantages to doing bodyweight workouts if you have a weight loss goal or want to strengthen and tone your muscles. In this article, we describe some of those benefits, list our favourite ten bodyweight exercises and show you how to turn them into a muscle-building, fat-burning bodyweight workout that you can do […]

Diet Tips – Are Personal Trainers just for fit people?

                               Personal Trainers for fitness and weight loss Go walking in any popular park where people enjoy exercise and you’ll find fit people working out with a personal trainer. Seeing this might lead us to conclude that personal trainers are just for fit people and not for those of us with weight loss goals […]

Diet Tips – Healthy Dinners the whole family can enjoy

                               Healthy Family Dinners Losing weight can often be difficult in a family setting because it’s often inconvenient to cook different meals for yourself and the rest of the family. This is particularly the case when it comes to the meal that the family shares the most, dinner. The key to overcoming this common […]

Diet Tips – People Views : Weight Loss

Don’t allow the bread/breadsticks/crackers/chips basket anywhere near your table in restaurants! –Sharon Cohen I give myself permission to indulge on the weekends, when I’m doing things like going out to dinner. But during the week, I eat fruit every day and I choose fiber-rich, whole-grain carbs.–Jody Buffalo Whenever I feel I’ve wandered off the healthy-eating […]

Diet Tips – Back to the Basics: Escape Technology and Gadgets for Weight Loss and Strength

Fitness Fundamentals: How Escaping the Technology Trap Helps Weight Loss and Strength Training Modern technology has afforded all of us many advantages over our ancestors. We can communicate at the click of a computer button, whereas they had to dial and spend a significant amount of money just to reach their family and friends abroad. […]

Diet Tips – Should You Take Up Reverse Diet For Eliminating Extra Weight?

If you are looking for a new kind of diet plan to reduce your body weight in an effective way then you should make yourself aware about the reverse diet. Tricia Cunningham is the creator of this diet routine. She herself lost a lot of weight i.e. 172 pounds in just nine months; by following […]